Monday, March 3, 2014

Office Inspiration

It's raining here in California today! I didn't get to finish spray-painting my Ikea shelves like I had planned, but I wanted to share some key elements I want to include in my office when it's all said and done.


1.  Spray-Painted Ikea Vittsjo Shelves:  I first came across these shelves on Pinterest.  I typed in gold shelves and there were multiple pins of this shelf from Ann Antunes Home Styling.  I was so excited about these inexpensive shelves that I went to Ikea and bought 2 over the weekend, but the rain has put a damper on my spray-painting plans.  Womp Womp..

2.  Ikea Ektorp Sofa Bed:  This sofa bed would be great in the gray or white color.  My office needs a pullout sofa or chair because I plan on using it as a guest room as well.

3.  West Elm Round Swirl Felt Pouf:  I love poufs!  They are such cute decorative pieces that are multi-functional.  What can't it do?  Be a seat?  Check!  Be a foot rest?  Check!  Be a dog bed?  Check!  Be a decorative piece of furniture that just sits there?  Check!  See what I mean?!

4.  Robert Abby Antique Brass Pharmacy Desk Lamp:  Okay, so this picture will just be used for inspiration because I really don't want to shell out more than $50 for a lamp.  I actually have plans to update a desk lamp that I've had for 10 years to look similar to this.  Stay tuned for that reveal!

5.  West Elm Parsons Desk:  I am currently using an Ikea desk that slopes in the middle because it is too long and is unable to support the weight of the items on my desk.  Is the desk still useable?  Yes.  Would I like a new desk in the near future?  Yes.  Will this be a likely purchase in the very near future? Probably not.  Although I would love to have a sleek, simple desk like the West Elm Parsons Desk, it is probably at the bottom of my list of to-do's/ to-buys for this office.

6.  Pottery Barn Celeste Chandelier:  I find that lighting fixtures are the hardest things to pick out for home decor next to window curtains.  Light fixtures are wired into your ceiling, they're expensive, and the wrong one can really change the aesthetics and feel of a room.  The Celeste Chandelier from Pottery Barn would definitely look great in this room or any room for that matter.  It's soo prettyyyy!

I want my office/guest room/makeup room to be a place where I can go to be productive and creative, but at the same time be a welcoming room for my guests.  My hope is to achieve the look I want by the start of Spring in a cost-effective manner.  I know this sounds nearly impossible, but again, I'm using these pieces as inspiration and there will be quite a bit of DIY-ing along the way.  What do you think of these items?  What is your favorite piece of furniture or decor item in your work space?
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  1. i love your blog, wendy! i've read thru all your post. :) i look forward to reading many more so keep them coming! congrats on the big purchase and i am so happy for you!!!

    <3 akina

    1. Hello cousin! Thanks for the encouragement! Hope to see you soon