Thursday, January 30, 2014

DIY Cable Box Cover

My TV sits on top of my fireplace mantle, but with the lack of proper entertainment storage, my cable box, modem, and router are all exposed.

Notice how all the entertainment equipment is just sitting on top of the red cabinet.  BLEH!

My solution was a cable box cover/hider!

I was inspired by ideas from Raising Rubies and New House to Home for cable box covers.

Supplies needed:

  1. Sturdy, decorative box with lid (a box made out of cardboard would be best because it would be easier to cut vs. plastic or metal)
  2. Decorative metal sheets from Home Depot or any arts and crafts store
  3. Metal Snips
  4. Spray paint
  5. Utility knife

1.  Use a utility knife to create an opening for the cables and wires on the back of the box.

2.  Cut another opening on the opposite side of the box big enough to allow the signal from your remote too reach your cable box like so:

3.  Measure and cut the decorative metal sheet so that it is large enough to cover the opening on the front of the box.

4.  Spray paint the decorative metal sheet with the color of your choice.

Color:  Valspar, Hotel Vanilla
5.  Attach the metal sheet to the front of your box with a hot glue gun and you're done!

Everything is hidden!  
There you have it!  In 5 easy steps, I was able to create my own cable box cover in less than an hour (including spray paint drying time).  I think the space on top of my red cabinet looks a million times better than it did before.  Now, I just have to figure out how to hide the black cables going from my TV to the cable box.  Let me know if you have any ideas!
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  1. Who are those nice looking friends in the photo? I think you need more pictures of them. Maybe just the one in the middle.

  2. put your pretty box up on the mantel beside tv