Sunday, March 30, 2014

DIY No Sew Fabric-Lined Basket

I have a love for baskets!  Baskets can be incorporated into the decor of any room and help with organization by providing a space where like items can be collected. I decided to take on a DIY basket-making project that was both budget-friendly and customizable to your own taste and this is what I came up with:

The best part about this project was that it cost me less than $5 to make and sewing isn't required!

Supplies Needed:

  1. Cardboard Box
  2. Hot Glue Gun and Glue sticks
  3. Staple Gun (Optional)
  4. Jute, rope, or any material of your choice
  5. Fabric 

The fabric was 30% off at Hobby Lobby and I used my 40% off coupon for the jute.

First, I started by cutting the top flaps off my cardboard box and trimming about 2 inches off the height of my box.

I attached the long flaps that I cut off the box to the bottom so that the base of the box would be a little more stable.

I started measuring the sides of the box and cutting my fabric so that there was enough length to cover the base of the box and the sides.  I also made sure to add extra length to my measurements so that there was enough fabric to cover about 2 inches of the outside of the box.

Truthfully, accurate measuring isn't necessary.  You can hold your fabric up to the box and trim the fabric accordingly.  I also folded over the edges of my fabric and attached the edges using my hot glue gun so that the fabric looked more finished and "hemmed" like so:

I attached the fabric to my cardboard box with my glue gun, but you can also use a staple gun if you choose to.  After attaching fabric to 3 sides of the box, the inside looked like this:

There was no method to my madness, I just made sure that the actual cardboard was no longer showing and my edges looked finished.

Next, I attached the jute to my cardboard box using my glue gun.  I just worked the jute around my box row by row from the bottom to top until I finished.  

I made sure to keep going until the jute was under the fabric and the cardboard was hidden.  That's all!  This is a simple and easy DIY project that you can customize with your own fabric.  The options are endless!   You can continue the jute onto the inside of the box instead of lining it with fabric.  Another DIY project, maybe? Muahahaha!  Ever since completing this project, I've been looking around my house for reasons to make more baskets.

I hope you try it and let me know if you have any questions!
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  1. Looks great!! I bet that's what Home Goods does with all their baskets. I'm paying how much for cardboard?!?!

  2. You are very creative!