Friday, February 6, 2015

Starter Stories with Urban Compass

Well, hello there!  I decided to take a little break from blogging to evaluate the types of projects I wanted to share and the types of posts I wanted to write.  Then I got sick.  I am still sick, but today I wanted to give you what I call a "mini progress tour" and share my thoughts on the work I've done on my home so far.  This post will also be a part of Urban Compass's Starter Stories Project.

Let me start my tour by prefacing that none of the spaces are done, done.  There's still a lot of work I want to put into each and every room.  I feel like I am forever organizing and reorganizing spaces and the idea of having finished spaces just seems so far away.  I purchased my home about a year and a half ago.  This baby of mine was definitely a fixer upper and that was exactly what I told my Realtor I wanted.  I was so inspired by home decor and DIY blogs that I wanted my very own place to put my personal touches on!

Lets start with my living room...

There were 2 doors that led to my bedroom, 1 from the hallway and the other from the living room.  The first thing I did was close up the doorway leading to my bedroom from the living room and refinish the floors.  I also painted the walls a lighter, neutral grey.

One of the quirky things I first noticed about this house was that most of the doors opened the opposite way.  So for example, if I were to stand in my bedroom or office, I would be pushing the door open instead of pulling it open.  Totally weird, which is why I replaced my bedroom and office doors in addition to my front door.  There were also a couple of random bookshelves found throughout the house that I closed up to make better use of the wall spaces.

The next room I want to show is my kitchen.  If you have read my blog from it's beginning (you know, all of 12 months ago?) then you would recognize these pictures.

The kitchen was a total gut job.  Most of the cabinets and floor tiles were broken or severely damaged.  Instead of attempting to DIY my entire kitchen, I hired a contractor.  Believe me, I know my limits.  I have since added a drink station to the kitchen, but I want to wait a couple of weeks before I reveal the entire space.  Stay tuned for that!

I also personalized the front of my home by painting my front door blue, adding a bright yellow bench, and planting potted flowers.

I love my little house!  It took months for me to find a place I loved, but as soon as I walked through this house, I knew it was going to be mine.  Having my very own place motivates me to put my personal touch on everything, without having to answer to a landlord or constantly wondering if my decorating designs would affect my rental deposit.   I won't lie and say that the entire journey as been so very pleasant and stress-free, but I will say that I'm proud of everything I've done so far! Stick around because I've just built a new console table and put together a new drink station and I'm so excited to share it with you!

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