Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rediscovering Benefit: My Favorite Benefit Products

Have you ever fallen in love with a product, stopped using it for awhile, rediscovered it, and fell in love with it all over again? For whatever reason, I find that this happens to me all. the. time.  This time around, I rediscovered a few Benefit products I regularly used in the past and also picked up a new eyeliner that is borderline genius/kind of annoying.

The "rediscovery" usually happens out of chance and sometimes out of curiosity.  This time, I picked a small box of Benefit samples from Sephora as my 500 point-perk.  I wasn't expecting much and I really wasn't too excited because I was familiar with the products in the box, which included lollitint and "they're Real" mascara.  I didn't use the products right away (like I normally would).  Instead, I put them in my travel bag for a weekend getaway because the tubes were tiny and they were the perfect sizes to carry on a plane.  I used the they're Real mascara, they're Real eyeliner, and lollitint cheek/lip stain in HOT Vegas weather and realized they were the best products I had used in a looong time!

The they're Real mascara has an applicator with plastic bristles that are great at separating lashes and add good amount of volume and some length.  Layering Benefit's they're Real mascara on top of Maybelline's Lash Blast is the most perfect mascara combination EVER!!!!!

Maybelline's lash blast gives my stick straight lashes tons of volume and the they're Real mascara helps define and separate my lashes, while making them look thicker.  The result is phenomenal and I highly recommend that you try it!  I honestly don't know why I ever forgot to repurchase the they're Real mascara after I ran out of my last tube, but I'll be sure to repurchase it after running out of this sample.

A few weeks after I purchased the they're Real mascara, my best friend asked me if I tried the corresponding eyeliner.  Say what?! I didn't even know there was a corresponding eyeliner.  I was immediately curious.  I went home and googled it, watched a bunch of reviews on Youtube, then went out and grabbed a stick of they're Real eyeliner to try.

The eyeliner is a gel formula that comes out of the tube when you twist the base.  The formula is long-lasting, water-resistant, and can be makeup remover resistant as well.  I've worn the mascara everyday for the last couple of months and have very rarely seen any transferring to my under-eye raccoon eyes here!  The tip of the eyeliner is also genius because it's slanted.  This makes winging out eyeliner soooo much easier and faster.  You just press the gel against your lid and voila!  You're done son!  Really.  It's that easy.

Now, the only annoying part about this eyeliner is the waste and clumping that happens if you twist the base of the tube one too many times and too much product comes out.  You end up with something that looks like this....

Sorry, please ignore the gross-ness of the tube.  Like I said, I've had this for a few months.  Let's just focus on the tip of the eyeliner, shall we?  You see how all that product has come out at the tip?  That's waste.  That's 2-3 applications that I will have to wipe off the tip.  Why?  Because if I try to use the eyeliner when there is this much product at the tip, I usually end up with clumps of geleyeliner on my lid.  Just look at the swatch picture below for proof...

See that glob of eyeliner in the middle of the picture?'s super annoying when the glob is on your eyelid and you're in a rush to get ready for work in the morning.  Other than being wasteful, the gel itself is perfect.

Another long-wearing product I tried again was their lip/cheek stain.  I used to have the benetint stain, but it didn't work out for me because I didn't know how to blend it in on my face without leaving streaks so I just threw it out.  This time, I tried lollitint.  It's a pinkish-purple colored stain that looks great on the cheeks as well as the lips. Lollitint isn't as bright and dark compared to benetint so blending it in is a lot easier.

Also, instead of applying the stain directly onto my cheeks from the brush, I put a little dab of the stain on my finger, then blend it into my face.  This way, I don't end up with weird streaks or dark spots.  The result is a long-wearing, natural flush that is easy and quick for me to create in the mornings when I'm in a rush to get out the door.

The last product from Benefit that I'm loving again is the Bella Bamba blush.

The blush is a peachy-pink color with fine sparkles.  Layered on top of lollitint, bella bamba gives my cheeks that perfect glow that I love, especially since the weather is slowly getting more and more gloomy.

Bella bamba is lollitint's perfect companion.  I feel like bella bamba accentuates lollitint's pink tones and the combination would look great on any skin tone.

This awkward picture shows what bella bamba, lollitint, and lollitint + bella bamba look like on my skin respectively from top to bottom.

As you can see, the combination swatch is the most vivid.  Believe me, I don't put large streaks of this combination on my cheeks.  I blend these babies in and they create the perfect flush of color!

It's amazing how quickly I forgot about these products and how quickly I fell in love with them again.      I encourage you to try these products anytime you're looking for a new mascara, eyeliner, or blush.  I mean, they have to be pretty awesome for me to write a post this long.  Have you rediscovered any makeup products?

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  1. I was complaining about that problem with the liner also! I hate how it comes out so slowly, but then when I use it the next time all the twists result in a huge wad of product! But I love the liner and how it works! Thanks dor getting it for me!!!