Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Best Mop and Bucket EVER?!

So a couple of posts ago I shared my homemade cleaning recipes with you guys and mentioned a mopping solution I normally make.  Well, today I want to share the mop and bucket I use!

I want to start by prefacing that the O-Cedar Easy Wring Mop and Bucket ($29.99) I got from Walmart was the least expensive option compared to other self-wringing bucket systems I looked at. If you search Amazon for self-wringing buckets, there are a ton of options (I'm pretty sure they all work the same).

This is a self-wringing system because you don't have to use your hands to wring your mop.  You simply step on the pedal at the base of the bucket and the upper portion of the bucket spins so that centripetal force (?) forces water out of your mop!  It's as simple as that!

The bucket also has a "max" sticker to let you know when the bucket is full to ensure your mop isn't absorbing any more cleaning solution while you are wringing it out.

I also love that the mop itself is made up of microfiber material so it does really well with picking up dirt and absorbing messes!  If you want, you can also detach the mop head and pop it into the washer for easy cleaning.

I have been using my bucket and mop weekly for a couple of months and I must say that I love it.  I know you may be asking "why a mop and bucket?" when there are more "modern" ways to clean my floors, but I must say that steam cleaners and the wet cleaning pads have not been very effective for me.  Also, I hate how obnoxiously-scented wet cleaning pads are and I don't like constantly changing the pads for steam cleaners because I feel like they can get so dirty midway through a cleaning session.  With a mop and bucket, I can wring out the gunk and keep on trucking with my cleaning!  A mop and bucket also gives me the versatility of making my own cleaning solutions to meet my floors' needs.

What do you guys think about using a mop and bucket?  Is it too old school?  Do you really feel like those wet cleaning pads work?
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