Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bring Las Vegas Home! reached out to me to join their "Bring Las Vegas Home" challenge! Exciting, right?! Funny thing is, I went to Vegas for a 3-day trip this summer and specifically walked through the Cosmopolitan Hotel just to check out their decor. Who knew I would be asked to create a room inspired by the Cosmopolitan Hotel suites only 3 months later?

When I think of the Cosmopolitan, I think of one word..GLAM.  With all of the hotel's ornate chandeliers, bold colors, and unique furniture shapes, everything is so extravagant. I love it!  However, if you have read my blog or seen the before & after pics of my home, you know that my design style isn't exactly contemporary or glamorous in any way.  If I had to categorize my style I would say it is more transitional/ traditional.  So, even though my home looks nothing like the Cosmopolitan, this is how I would bring a little bit of Vegas into my home...

When I look at pictures of the Cosmopolitan suites, there are pops of navy throughout the sleeping and living areas.  I brought this into my room design by choosing accent pieces with different shades of blue.  The dark blue cushions on the crisp-white sheets create a great contrast, while the softer blue chair and throw create a more cozy room, which is more my style.

A room inspired by the Cosmopolitan or Vegas, in general, wouldn't be complete without gold.  I LOVE having gold accents throughout my house and my design for this room would be no different.  The wall sconces and nightstand have gold detailing, which adds a slightly more luxurious feel to what would otherwise have been a standard white and blue room.

I chose tufted furniture pieces with soft, touchable fabric to emulate the decor of the Cosmopolitan.  However, instead of choosing a chair with a more contemporary and funky shape, I wanted to use a more "traditional" chair.  The arm-chair I chose has a high back and great detailing along the sides and bottom, which adds interest to the room without being too drastically different from what I'm used to choosing for myself.

I also chose a cream-colored rug with a more modern, geometric pattern to anchor the room.  The colors in the rug don't clash with any of the furniture pieces I have chosen and the simple, geometric pattern ties in the with geometric shapes of the nightstand.

I love this room!  I can just imagine these pieces in a room with sexy, smokey gray-colored walls and beautiful, velvety charcoal-colored blackout shades.  This room has a touch of cozy and a touch of glam.  Nothing looks too modern or contemporary, but the design isn't entirely traditional either.  So this is my answer to's challenge to #bringLVhome.  Taking from either your own experiences or pictures you have seen of Las Vegas, how would you bring Vegas home?

Opps!  I was so excited to design this room I totally forgot to mention the inspiration photos I used on for the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  Check them out at:  Cosmopolitan Hotel.
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