Thursday, April 24, 2014

What's Your Approach?

One room at a time or all rooms at the same time?

When it comes to putting my home together, I've been attacking all my rooms at the same time and I'm slowly becoming more and more overwhelmed.  Really.  If you guys could see my "to-do" list for each space in my home, including the hallway, you'd be overwhelmed too!

One of the main reasons why I probably have been working on so many rooms at the same time is that I am easily distracted by fun and easy projects.  For example, isn't it more fun to stencil a wall than to sort through years and years of paper work?  Isn't it more fun to makeover a side table than to organize boxes and boxes of makeup?  Isn't more fun to do anything other than finally, really unpack the last of the moving boxes? (yes, I moved in last September..sshhh...) See what I mean?  It's soo hard to focus!

As a result of all of my decorating distractions, I have a half bath that still looks like this:

Stenciled wall and new light fixture?  Check.  Toilet, medicine cabinet, and sink? MIA.

Trying to attack all spaces of my home at the same time isn't working.  I end up with unused areas of my home because they aren't done and I feel like I'm wasting valuable square footage by having all these project supplies sitting in different areas of my home.  Although I love working on my home and putting it together, it starts to feel overwhelming when I realize I have a half bath I've never used because there is no toilet or sink.  Or I have a dining area I don't use because it looks bleh.

So, I'm changing my approach.  Or at least I'm going to try.  I'm going to try to focus on one space at a time.  This way, I can really get a room done, done and then move on to the next.  Also, I think the one room at a time approach would theoretically help my bank account too?  I don't think I'd spend as much money buying furniture or DIY supplies for random projects around the house as much because I have a goal of which space I will finish first. I hope.

My posts will also (hopefully) become less sporadic because I can actually take pictures of projects that I finish.  It's hard to take pictures of a stenciled restroom wall when there is no toilet or sink and there's a gaping hole where the toilet paper holder should be.  I know everyone reading this has put a home together, so I know I'm not alone.  What was your approach and how did you do it?

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