Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Favorites!

Monthly favorites are my favorite!  I love seeing things that people have enjoyed throughout the month so I'm showing you the items I've been diggin' this month!  Woot Woot!

1.  Franco Sarto Flats:  I got the red pair from Nordstroms and the D'Orsay flats from Marshalls.  I've never tried Franco Sarto shoes, but these are definitely comfortable enough for work and play.  For the red pair, I had to get a 6 WIDE due to my bunionettes (TMI? sorry), but the blue pair fit comfortably in the regular width.  I would highly recommend trying these shoes on before purchasing them online, unless you don't mind mailing in returns.

2.  Painted Mason Jars:  I found about 20 mason jars in the attic of my garage (left from the original owners of the house) and decided to paint a few to add some color to my living room. I love the bright colors and the fact that they were $FREE!  I did a little research and dated these jars back to the 1930-1960's.  Knowing that they have probably been sitting in the garage for the past 40+ years makes them feel even more cool!  Weird.  I know.

3.  Craftsman power drill:  I love this baby!  I really do.  My power drill has different attachments for different uses.  My boyfriend got me the drill for Christmas one year and recently got me the sanding attachment when I mentioned I wanted to refinish/paint some furniture.  This drill has been with me throughout all the home improvement projects I've tackled so far and it's still going strong.  I really love him!  <--I meant the drill, but yes, I love my boyfriend too.

4.  Metallic Sharpies: Why didn't I discover these sooner?  I knew metallic Sharpies existed, but I never bought them because I never knew what I would need them for.  Well, during my recent side table makeover I was rub-n-buffing the metal pulls to a gold color, but there were small spots that my fingers couldn't squeeze into.  The gold Sharpie came to my rescue and turned the brassy nobs into sassy gold nobs. I'm also using these markers for a hallway wall art project and the gold and bronze colors are just perfect!

5.  Komelon Self-Lock Tape Measure:  I've never had a real, heavy-duty tape measure before.  I've always had those dinky ones that come free with those simple, pre-filled toolkits you find in a grocery store or discount store.  As you can tell by the name, this tape measure self-locks!  As in, you pull the measuring tape out and it doesn't retract until you push the button at the top.  (I hope this isn't a standard feature of tape measures or I'd be very embarrassed. HAHA!  None of my smaller ones have this feature, which is why I'm so impressed!)  The numbers are also huge for my horrible eyes, the tape measure doesn't bend when its extended more than 4 feet, and it's a bright green!  What more can you ask for from a tape measure?

6.  Foam applicators:  I've only used foam applicators to apply large amounts of paint onto canvas for art projects.  When I was thinking about applying a protective finish for my furniture makeover, I was hesitant to use a paint brush because I didn't want any brush strokes.  While walking through the paint aisle at Home Depot, I came across a pack of foam applicators right next to the brushes.  In my mind, foam applicators don't have bristles, so...it won't leave brush marks right?  Right!  I used these foam applicators to apply the Minwax Polycrylic and there were no brush marks!  Yay!

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