Saturday, April 12, 2014

I'm Floored by Flor

My living room has been rug-free for a few months now.  Why?

Yeah...My sweet pitbull-mix puppy didn't know the difference between the rug and his rope-toy and chewed off the corner.  So, I've been rug-free in the living room for a few months. Up until last night, that is!

I took advantage of a 25%-off sale Flor was having on their carpet tiles and decided to take the leap and try out their product.  Flor tiles are modular, low-pile carpet tiles that can easily be cleaned (rinsed) and each tile can be replaced without ruining the rest of the carpet.  This is the best solution for a house with 4-5 dogs where accidents rarely, but do, happen.

I picked the "Lasting Grateness" pattern in a teal color and I love it!  The teal really brightens up my living room and adds some pizzazz, which is a nice change from the bare floors I've had. I thought I would regret not getting the rug in a gray or navy color, but I think the bright rug is a perfect contrast to the dark sectional and light-gray walls.  I set my tiles in a parkay-like pattern and installed them all while watching an episode of Grey's Anatomy.  

My dogs love the rug too!

Since I've only had the rug for about 12 hours, I cannot speak about the longevity of the tiles.  If the rug is as durable as it already seems, I definitely want to get a black and white striped pattern for my office!  I'll be testing this baby out for a few months and I'll give you guys an update on how it's held up.  This rug was definitely an investment, but I would rather spend some $$ on a rug that I can easily clean than spend $100-200 to replace an entire rug each time my dogs tear it up.

The "before" picture is what my living room looked like they day I got my keys!
What do you guys think of carpet tiles? 
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