Friday, January 24, 2014

Valentine's Day Decor with....Soap?!?

I like to decorate for different seasons/occasions/holidays with simple items.  I don't believe your decor always has to SCREAM at you to make you feel like its going to be Valentine's Day or Christmas or Spring..ya know?  I also like to keep my decor simple because I'm honestly too lazy to pack and unpack multiple decor items for every occasion.  This is why for Valentine's Day, I like to sprinkle more reds and pinks throughout my home.

While perusing Cost Plus World Market today, I looked through their Valentine's Day section and saw these boxes of rose buds.

I first thought they were potpourri and immediately grabbed them because I thought they would look great in the 2 apothecary jars I have in my home already.  However, when I looked at the label, I realized they were soap!

These boxes of soap petals were from World Market, $7.99 ea.
I put the boxes back on the shelf, but after walking around the store for another 20 minutes I decided to put the boxes back into my cart.  They were just too cute to pass up and if they didn't work in the apothecary jars I had planned for them, I would just put them in a dish to use as decor in the restroom (which is probably what they were really meant for).

So this is how I ended up filling my apothecary jars...

I like the contrast of the delicate rose buds with the pinecones in the apothecary jars.
And this is how my entry way table looks so far...

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