Thursday, March 12, 2015

RugsUSA Review

Do you guys ever stalk home decor blogs in search of inspiration and good home decor deals?  Well, if you said yes then I'm right there with you sister/brother/homie!  A while back I read a blog post by Liz Marie from Liz Marie Blog and she mentioned that her beautiful jute rugs were from RugsUSA.  She also mentioned how great their deals were.  At that time I checked out and did see 75% off deals on their rugs but I said to myself "Self, you don't need these rugs now.  Save your money and wait."  Well, I waited a couple of days and decided that I wanted the rugs, but guess what?    When I went back a few days later the sale had ended.  I didn't see the same deals anymore.  NOOOOOOOOO!

So this past President's Day when I received an email that they were going to have a 75% off sale again, I jumped on it.  I bought 2 rugs....

this one...

and this one...


Pretty right?

I was able to score both rugs for less than $200 total.  TOTAL!  For any of you who have looked at rugs, even jute rugs, you would know that they usually cost way more than a couple hundred bucks...for 2.

Overall, I love my rugs and they have stood up to my four dogs very well.  The quality is great and they don't look like they'd be worth less than their original selling price.  If you are in the market for a new rug, I would recommend just stopping by every once in awhile to see if there are any good deals.  If you do see a rug you like, I don't think waiting would be a bad idea either because they have these sales so often.  I also recommend reading the reviews before purchasing the rugs because the comments about one of my rugs being very dusty was actually pretty accurate.

Now you might be wondering if I'm getting sponsored or paid or compensated in anyway for this post, but I'm not.  I wish, but I'm not.  I just wanted to tell you about some good deals this company has to offer and I really do like the sale prices of the rugs on this site.

Because this is a review, I also have to tell you guys about my gripes.  For starters, the Chunky Loop Rug collects dust like a crazy.  I don't know if the dust was already trapped in the fibers and it fell out when I unrolled the rug or if the rug just collects dust, but I know I'll probably have to sweep under this rug at least once a week.  Then, there was a little shipping mishap for one of my rugs.  This has very little to do with (maybe it does?) and a lot to do with UPS, but my rug was shipped to my neighbors house and my name wasn't on the shipping label so they weren't sure which house it belonged to.  Thank goodness I have awesome neighbors who recognize my style and asked me if the rugs belonged to me before asking the UPS man to take it back.  That would have sucked!

Look at the braided detail!

Overall, I really like  Shipping was relatively quick, the quality of my rugs are great, and the prices can't be beat!  I'm already looking at their site for a dining room rug and I can't wait until I spot another great deal.  Where do you shop for your rugs and what's the average you would expect to spend?  Let me know below!
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