Sunday, March 8, 2015

My Experience Building a Console Table

If you follow me on Instagram (@mylifeonelizabeth), you would have seen a picture of the console table I built following the Rustic X Console Table plans from Anna White.  This is the console table I built:

I made small modifications to my table because I forgot to add the X's to the sides.  Instead, I used 2x2's to finish off the side edges.

I love the table!  It's the perfect size for my entryway and provides the adequate amount of storage so the tabletop doesn't look too cluttered.  I also love that because I built the table myself out of real wood, I know the construction is super durable and I was able to stain the table to whatever color I wanted!

The cost of supplies for my console table came in at about $130, which is cheaper than console tables I can find at most big box stores.  The plans provided by Anna White were definitely easy to follow and should be read over once or twice before starting the build.  The most tedious part of the project was cutting all of my wood pieces with my miter saw, which took about 2 hours.  Other than that, attaching the pieces using my Kreg Jig Jr. and pocket screws was really easy and is definitely do-able for a beginner.

  • I recommend having at least a couple of clamps on hand to use with the Kreg Jig and to help you hold the pieces of wood flush against each other so that it's easier to screw them together.  
  • Take your time picking out your pieces of wood to ensure that they aren't bowed because that would definitely affect the construction of your console table.  
  • You'll also need a good orbital sander so that you can smooth and even out the surface of your console table before staining and/or painting.  
  • Remember to always work safely and wear protective gear!  
  • Become familiar with your tools before tackling any project to ensure that you are using them correctly and safely to prevent any injuries! 

If you have thought about building your own furniture and you want to invest in some new tools, I highly encourage you to try building this table.  I was able to do it by myself and you can too!  The only time I would discourage you from attempting this project is if you don't ever plan on building another piece of furniture ever again. If this is the case, then the investment in all the necessary tools might not be worth it if you don't already have the tools on hand.\

If you want to build something for your home, I encourage you to check out Anna White's website if you haven't done so.  There are collections of awesome pictures of other readers/bloggers who have built the same projects.  I would love to know what your first building experience was like in the comments below!
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