Saturday, January 3, 2015

Places to Find Inexpensive Furniture

From the start of my blog, I've showed you several before and afters of furniture I have re-habbed.  Whether you regularly make-over furniture or you would like to start doing so this year, I wanted to share the list of places I check out for inexpensive furniture!

Habitat for Humanity ReStores
ReStores are great places to look for different pieces of furniture, light fixtures, doors, and miscellaneous items.  I like looking here first for old furniture because the proceeds are used to help build homes in the immediate and surrounding communities.  My local ReStore always has cool coffee tables and side tables that are in good condition...if only I had more space...

When I was in college, I regularly bought and sold furniture on Craigslist.  Since finishing college, I have had very little luck, but there are times when I spot decent pieces at great prices.  Craigslist ads also depend on the neighborhoods you live in.  I find that when I search Craigslist in the surrounding cities, there are usually better pieces.  The only hesitation I have for Craigslist is the safety factor.  Please always have a purchase buddy and know the neighborhood.

Do you have any friends who are moving or just want to get a piece of furniture off their hands?  Don't be shy to accept if they offer and it never hurts to ask how much they want the piece for if they want to get rid of it.  2 of my largest pieces of furniture I have re-done were gifted to me by my friend froms work!

Flea Markets/ Antique Fairs
Flea markets and antique fairs are also great places to look for pieces of furniture.  Many of the weekend markets that I have visited in Central/Northern California have great, inexpensive finds!
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