Saturday, June 28, 2014

Workin' on that Curb Appeal: An Inexpensive solution!

Well, well, well....yeah, it's been almost a month since my last post.  I wanted to take a break from any home improvement projects just to enjoy and appreciate all the work that I've already put into my home.  While I was sitting on my porch a few days ago, enjoying my sweet tea, I looked and realized that the mismatched pots around me were just so blah and the front of my house needed a little sprucing up!

Here's are some BEFORE shots of the front porch area:

One of the biggest "problems" for me were the mismatched pots.  I inherited the pots with dead plants  from the previous owners of the house who just left them on the porch after they moved out.  Umm...thank you? Since moving into my home, my parents (who love anything gardening related) helped me plant an indoor snake plant in one pot and some annuals in the other.  With the recent addition of my yellow park bench, my porch was looking a little more colorful than when I moved in, but it didn't feel cohesive or bright.

The fastest and most inexpensive solution was for me to spray paint my pots!

In my 1st attempt, I picked up a can of green spray paint I found in my garage and started spraying the pots.  However, the color choice was a total FAIL!  I went from a dark green pot to a dull green pot...womp, womp.

So, I told myself to "go bold or go home"! Actually, in this case it would be go bold or stay inside!  (Because I'm already home..get it? get it?)  I went to my local hardware store and picked up some spray paint by Rust-o-leum in Seaside (gloss).

Here's my 2nd attempt in progress:

BOLD right?!

Here's what the porch looks like with the bright pots now:

The porch is brighter and the colors are a lot more cohesive.  The bright blue pots also go well with my light blue door!  I love the impact that the painted pots have on my porch.

I definitely want to continue sprucing up the front of my house.  I was thinking about adding a couple of hanging plants, repainting the concrete, and painting the security door?  I know security doors are so yuck, but they are a necessity in the town I live in (sad, I know).

I hope you like the before and after.  Let me know how you've spruced up the front of your house!
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