Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tidy Tip Tuesday: How to keep your home tidy

Happy Tuesday!  Today's tip has been adopted from my sister.   A few months ago while my sister was visiting, she cleared and cleaned the restroom counter and the toilet within a matter of minutes.  (Yes, my sisters and I have that kind of relationship and I love them for it) When I came in surprised, she said "it only takes a couple of minutes".  BOOM!  My mind was blown and my little sister had just taught me a lesson!  Clean as you go!

What I mean by cleaning as you go is that if you've brought a cup into the living room, take the cup with you on your way out.  If you've spilled water all over the restroom or kitchen counter, go ahead and wipe the counter dry right away.  If you've taken out a bajillion arts and crafts supplies, put them away as you finish using each thing.  The key about keeping your home tidy is staying on top of any kind of mess.  Think of how clean your home would be if you put something away that didn't belong in the room every time you left the room.  Or how clean everything would be if you wiped something down immediately after cooking or using the restroom.

Believe me, I'm the queen of "I'll get to it later" or "I'll majorly clean later tonight", but sometimes later never comes or turns into tomorrow and next week.  Don't avoid the mess.  Tackle it and you'll be so much more relieved about the state of your home afterwards.

So go ahead and try it this week!
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