Thursday, February 13, 2014

They Call Me Dr. Green Thumb: How to Plant Succulents

 Well...not really.  They actually call me Wendy, but today I felt like Mrs. Green Thumb.  Let me tell you why! So, I went to Lowes today to pick up some spray paint for my other lamp re-vamp (see how I made that rhyme)  and I came across succulents in the gardening section.  I've heard that they are very sturdy plants so I decided to pick them up!  I also picked up a wide glass bowl and some river rock from Hobby Lobby.

First, I lined the bottom of the bowl with a layer of rocks to improve water drainage in hopes of preventing root rot.  I learned today that succulents need VERY little water during this season and root rot happens very quickly when succulents are over-watered.  Then, I poured a thick layer of potting mix (meant for drier climate plants) over the stone and planted the succulents in an alternating arrangement.

This was an easy, fairly inexpensive project. Here are some pointers (that I've acquired after planting these succulents) that you would probably want to keep in mind if you wanted to take this project on as well:
  1. It is best to get a terra cotta type pot or a pot with holes on the bottom to allow for water drainage  (according to several succulent blogs I've found, glass is probably one of the worst containers for succulents...hindsight is 20/20)
  2. Don't water often, especially during the winter time.  Allow for the soil to dry before watering again.
  3. Use potting mix that is meant for dry climate plants like cactus
  4. Succulents like light, but not too much light?  (not really sure what too much light means, but I guess I'll find out the next few weeks)
  5. Succulents & Sunshine has a lot of good information about caring for succulents.  I didn't think to look up "how to care for succulents" until after planting them..DOH!
For most of the time, these succulents will be sitting on my kitchen counter by the window where a lot of sunlight comes through during the day.  However, I can see myself moving this bowl to my coffee table or dining table when I want to use it as a centerpiece or a part of my living room decor.  I love that succulents are so versatile and look at home wherever they are sitting in my home.
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